PWE Special Training


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*** Exclusive DO NOT MISS Online Training Event ***

A New Paradigm for Personal Wealth: How to
Powerfully Create Your Money Blueprint for Life

with Karen Collacutt

URGENT: Only 200 SPOTS available

You’ve all asked for this – so I am delivering it. During this DO NOT MISS $97 FREE eye-opening online training event (only 200 spots) you will learn:

  • A bold new paradigm for relating to your money that will completely transform both your Personal and Business finances
  • Four specific Money Myths engrained in us since childhood and why they are keeping you from the huge financial leaps you deserve
  • Why the existing model for Personal Finance doesn’t work – and why you must focus instead on building Personal Wealth (critical!)
  • The 5 Unconscious Money Patterns (UMP’s) that are keeping you from achieving long-term sustainable wealth… plus how to powerfully undo them once and for all
  • A new and profoundly simple Financial Blueprint designed to free you from all money constraints and immediately put you on the path to true Personal Wealth
  • Why a massive Financial Interruption is the key to experiencing the greatest Personal Money Shift of your life

and much, much more…